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Telling My Story is searching for a part-time Executive Director

Posted: 11/12/2023

Job Position Description
Title: Executive director
Position: Part time
Schedule: Up to 15 hrs/week
Position Reports to: Board
Application Deadline: Rolling until position is filled
Telling My Story is looking for a new team member to fill the role of part time Executive
Director. This virtual position requires 10 - 15 hours per week and can begin in January 2024.
There is the possibility for growth both with hours and responsibility within the organization in
the coming year(s).
About Telling My Story
Telling My Story is a non-profit organization that works to break down walls between socially
marginalized individuals and their communities through collaborative creative engagement. A
TMS program uses story-telling and the arts to build trust across differences as a means to
achieve the engagement and genuine connection that can lead to shared responsibility for
personal healing, social justice and systemic change. By working to facilitate the
self-empowerment of silenced voices, TMS programs bring grit and resilience to marginalized
individuals and communities, highlighting the possibilities for real change through both
unexpected sources of leadership and unanticipated alliances of groups that have previously
seen each other as “others.” Telling My Story exposes the power, value and beauty we can all
find in imperfection, disability, and vulnerability. By finding this beauty, individuals find voice,
love of self, and build stronger, more love-based communities. The Telling My Story program
creates a shared platform in which individuals see each other not as who we “want” each other
to be, but instead as who we “are.” By building trust and opening our eyes, minds and hearts,
we take down social walls that divide us.
Where we are and where we’re going:
In the past two years we have expanded our offerings and our fundraising to the point where
we require a part-time Executive Director to take Telling My Story where we believe we can go.
Over the next 3-5 years, we hope to sustainably and healthily grow our organization so that we
can serve a greater number and more diverse set of communities in New England. This involves
supporting the development of an apprenticeship model for new facilitators who can eventually
lead new programs themselves. It will also require growth in funding so that we can further
support our backbone operations and compensation for participants and facilitators of a greater
number of programs.
Further, we have seen that collaborative partnerships allow us to more deeply engage with
marginalized and vulnerable communities and allow them to access an alternative modality of
advancing a collective agenda of wellbeing in the Upper Valley. Over the next few years, we plan
to develop long term deep relationships with other local organizations working in the
community. Developing these relationships will require time and resources.
About the Role:
The Executive Director will have an opportunity to make significant contributions to the growth
of the organization, leading the execution of our strategic plan through development of key
partnerships, enhancement of our grant-writing capacity and continued expansion of our
programs into new communities. (The strategic plan is currently under development, to be
shared at the start of the ED’s tenure).
The successful candidate will be a flexible collaborator with prior non-profit experience and a
commitment to broad social impact in the Upper Valley and beyond.
Responsibilities of the Executive Director will include:
1. Work with the Board of Directors and any outside consultants (as may be appropriate) to
implement the strategic plan
2. Develop and maintain appropriate relationships with funding organizations and other
non-profits to support the strategic plan
3. Meet weekly with Telling My Story founder for support with vision and direction of
1. Work with the Development Committee to create a development strategy and plan that
supports the strategic plan
2. Work with the Communications Committee to create a communications strategy and
plan that supports the development plan
3. Take the lead in grant writing, requesting input from the Development Committee and
other Board members where needed
4. Ensure that the short-to-medium-term grant strategy is effectively integrated with
program (business) development
1. Work with the Treasurer and Finance Committee to develop and document appropriate
financial policies and controls
2. Manage TMS’s relationship with the bank, and other outside service providers such as
accountants, attorneys, and consultants
3. Work with the Treasurer and Finance Committee to develop and implement appropriate
budgeting and forecasting tools and processes
4. Evolve and enhance existing program contracts and budgets
Operations and Programming
1. Work with program facilitators to organize and implement programs
2. Develop new and ongoing relationships with collaborating organizations
3. Support program facilitators in developing and maintaining relationships with program
participants (in particular, this includes spending time developing trust and building
community with participants living in deeply marginalized realities)
4. Support with the training of additional program facilitators, consistent with the
training/apprenticeship plan
1. Review and update corporate by-laws annually and monitor compliance
2. Schedule and facilitate quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors
3. Participate in other Committees of the Board as appropriate and necessary to the
performance of the Services outlined below
4. Ensure TMS is in compliance with applicable filing requirements, both state and federal
5. Develop and implement a Board replenishment plan
6. Identify training opportunities to enhance Board knowledge and skills
Other duties may arise in the course of day-to-day business.
Skills and Abilities
● Leadership experience and comfort being a public face for the organization.
● Ability to manage large and complex projects with a wide variety of stakeholders.
● Experience working with marginalized communities and/or social work and/or the arts.
● Commitment to social justice work and to working within and across diverse
● Experience in finances, fundraising, grant writing.
● Ability to maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive information.
● Interest in collaborating to update operational and administrative processes and
structures for efficiency and effectiveness.
● Strong communications skills.
● Highly organized, thorough with excellent attention to detail.
● Self-motivated, strong time management skills and ability to prioritize and manage a
diverse workload in a virtual environment.
● A team player who is flexible, open-minded, honest, has high integrity, and believes in
the organization’s mission.
● Experience with Microsoft suite, Google Drive, and Zoom.
● Desirable: experience in communications, graphic design, and Wordpress platform.
Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree and/or relevant experience
Compensation & Benefits: Compensation is competitive and commensurate with qualifications,
skills and experience of the candidate.
To apply, please send a resume, two references, and cover letter to

Telling My Story

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